Calculations in modern particle physics require algorithms that reduce or evaluate Feynman integrals, numerically or analytically. All the software on this cite was created during my participation in different projects in particle physics.

QLink: a tool to store large data sets from Wolfram Mathematica on disk with a database engine, comes under the terms of GPLv2;

FLink (with M.Tentioukov): a tool to run external evaluations by means of Fermat from Wolfram Mathematica, comes under the terms of GPLv2;

Small tools: some small tools for particle physics calculations, absolutely free;

FIRE: Feynman Integral REduction, an instrument to reduce integrals to master integrals in different ways; comes under the terms of GPLv2;

FIESTA (with M.Tentioukov): Feynman Integral Evaluatuion by a Sector decomposiTion Approach, an instrument to evaluate Feynman integrals numerically with ease, comes under the terms of GPLv2;

Other projects
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