The new version of QLink is based on the TokyoCabinet database engine or on TCPort for the Windows version.

The first public release of QLink in this version is October 2008. The syntax is fully compatible with the old version of QLink. However, an old database cannot be opened automatically by the new QLink. If you used to store data via the old version of QLink, mail me and we'll work out how to transfer the data.

Download the package. It contains both the source and the binaries for Linux32, Linux64 and Windows32.

To compile QLink on Unix one needs to have TokyoCabinet and Mathematica developer kit installed.

On Windows one needs to have Microsoft Visual Studio with Windows Software developer kit, the Mathematica developer kit. Morover, to compile the TCPort project one has to install python 2.5 or later in the 2.x series and scons 1.0 or later. The source files of QLink undergo no change (compared to the Unix version), one only has to comment #include <stdbool.h>, #include <stdint.h> and #include <unistd.h> in QLink.c

The new version of QLink uses only file-based databases with 64-bit adressing (both on 32-bit and 64-bit machines) resulting in an almost unlimited possible database size.

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